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Her you can see funny porn parodies of famous films and cartoons. Many people are looking for sex versions of different artistic films. Unfortunately, there are not so many of them, as you would like, but all that is, you can see in this category. Here you will find porn parodies of different famous movies from dramas to films with superheroes, and many others. And will like the porn versions of Batman, Avengers and Star Wars. Porn parody or cosplay is a great way to not only look at adult videos but also to see your favorite characters in another role and to look at usual films from the alternative point of view. Similar costumes and roles make such films unique. You can experience new emotions, looking porn parodies, quite often, when you watch a porn movie, you imagine how these actors look without clothes. Or you'd like to see how these two heroes were fucked - so much so that with all the details! We think that you really want to see all your favorite characters in porn role. Come to our website every day and watch new porn parodies online in great quality! Look and you will not regret.


Free Parody Porn

Now fans can watch all their favorite porn parodies right here. If you love a little bit of comedy or you are interested in seeing the ultimate in role-play situations, you are going to love our parody section. These parody scenes cover all kinds of different shows and movies like 'Star Whores: The Squirt Awakens'. Fans can watch as the battle between the forces happens in a more XXX way and babes are using their pussies to win for their side! Maybe you want to see a POV raider finding some lost treasure in a dudes pants like here! There are so many ways that these sluts are taking your favorite movies, TV shows, and even cosplaying your favorite characters in new ways. You can see universes collide as well as see parodies of real events all unfold in HD quality film. These are interesting fantasies that showcase performers like Miley Cyrus after a show, how the presidential debates really could have gone, and more.

We all know that several different pornstars look like real celebrities. This means that if your favorite celeb has not dropped a sex tape yet, you may get to see their body double doing it right here. The pornstars here love to give their fans something that they have not been able to see, and they get in the character of the roles they are playing. From changing their voices to wearing wigs and costumes. These are not your average porn clips and there are hundreds to view. With new porn parody clips being added into the database almost every day, our curators are hard at work trying to discover the hottest new scenes and the best amateur footage that has been created. You can see real amateurs parodying events and having fun on camera all on DaDuDa. If you are in the mood for something a little bit different than you wanted, parody films will be your new favorite.