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Today many people argue whether a woman can end from anal sex, fisting, get an orgasm, releasing a jet of fluid. If so, what kind of liquid is it and where does it come from? The majority consider squirt ejaculation, others think it is a combination of urination and orgasm. The person who discovered the squirt believes that this is an eruption of the female body, with a minimal urine content, since it leaves the female urethra with secretions of the urethral gland. But the basic view that squirt is a kind of orgasm, obtained as a result of strong stimulation of the point G. Those women who are able to make squirt explain it, as a physical manifestation of the female body. With the right approach and the use of their organs, any woman can learn to squirt, but this is an elusive effect and it is very hard for him to get it, but it all depends on you. Unfortunately, most women do not know about the existence of a squirt having it. They are shy, complex, constrained, cannot understand what is happening to them, they think they want to go to the toilet during sex. But they are very mistaken, because, in fact, men like it very much, because a very experienced man, who cares first of all about a woman, and not about herself, can bring his beloved to the squirt. This is your favorite resource, where you can watch videos with many types of squirting. We are sure that you will enjoy!


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